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Course Catalog

Abuse and Neglect: The Healthcare Employee's Role
Advanced Feeding: Adaptive Eating Equipment-Supplemental Nutrition-Enteral Feedings
Age Specific Growth and Development: Adolescence through Old Adult
Affordable Care Act Sect. 1557
Alzheimer 1: Overview
Alzheimer 2: Communication
Alzheimer 3: ADLs
Alzheimer 4: Behavior
Alzheimer 5: Caregiver Experience
Alzheimer 6: Activities
Basic Communication
Basic Feeding: Serving & Assisting With Meals
Bill of Rights for Healthcare Recipients
Chemical Safety
Corporate Compliance
Cultural Diversity
Customer Service for Healthcare Employees
Disinfection/Sterilization in ASCs
Elopement and Wandering
End of Life Care Management
Fall Prevention
Fire and Electrical Safety
Fire Prevention in the Surgical Suite
Flu Prevention
HIPAA/Confidentiality: Overview
Human Trafficking
Imminent Death: Signs & Symptoms
Infection Control/Bloodborne Pathogens
Latex Allergies: An Overview
Malignant Hyperthermia
Medication Errors: Prevention is the Key
Moderate Sedation
Overview of the LGBT Community and the Healthcare Environment
Pain Management: Advanced
Pain: The Basics
Patient Safety
Preventing Pressure Ulcers
Preventing Surgical Site Infections in Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Prevention of Workplace Violence (Inc. Active Shooter)
Radiation/MRI Safety
Risk Management Overview
Restraints in Long-Term Care
Safe Injection Practices
Safe Medical Device Act
Safe Patient Handling
Safety for Home Health Employees
SBAR: A Communication Tool for RNs
Sexual Harassment
Sprains and Strains abd Office Ergonomics
Standard Precautions I
Standard Precautions II
Suicide Risk Assessment
TB Precautions
Team Concept for Healthcare Employees
Understanding Advance Directives and POLST
Urinary Tract Infections
Use of Restraints
Workplace Fairness: Nondiscrimination Statement of the Law

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