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Meet our new Partner - Halo Health International

Halo Health International is a progressive healthcare company that focuses on digital Patient Education in physician waiting rooms and exam rooms. Its goal is to help people live healthier by improving their diets, increasing their level of fitness, and educating them on preventative care.  Halo Health's content is all research based from organizations such as the CDC, AMA, and American Heart Association.  Since the service is through subscription, there are no outside advertising forces skewing the content.  To learn more, visit Halo Health's website at www.haloheals.com, call (856-520-8655) or email us info@haloheals.com.

What's New at Learning Harbor?


Burke Rehabilitation - White Plains, NY
Special Tree Rehabilitation Services - Romulus, MI
Allegany College of Maryland - Cumberland, MD
Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics, TN
Westchester Hospice/Paliative Care, White Plains, NY
Vascular Access Center, Philadelphia, PA
Fairfax Colon and Rectal, VA
Duluth Surgical Suites, MN
North Georgia Heart Center, Gainsville, GA
Bridgeway Senior Services, Bridgewater, NJ
Puget Sound Surgical Center, Edmonds, WA
Galen Medical Group, Chattanooga, TN
Milwaukee Surgical Suites, WI
Precision Surgery, KS
Florence Hospital, AZ
EyeCare Medical Group, ME
Four Peaks Surgical Center, AZ
Mid Florida Endoscopy, FL
Endoscopy Center of New York, NY
Layfayette Surgery Center of Indiana, IA


Your successful e-learning program begins when your Learning Harbor representative assists you with your customization initiatives and guides you in selecting options for your employee module catalog assignments.

Great courseware is not of value until it is used by your employees. We help you prepare for the arrival of what may be a new way of learning.

After your web-based training is in place, Learning Harbor will continue to support your training administrators with all aspects of your program as it grows to its full potential.

The Learning Harbor community continues to grow!  We are a national organization with clients in over 25 states.  We have expanded from acute care to specialty hospitals, surgical clinics, college healthcare programs, hospice, long term care and home health.  If you know of any additional organizations that might benefit from our services, please let us know!

    What Our Subscribers, Managers and Administrators Are Saying:

    Customer Service

    • I like the examples given for responding to customers. I was also enlightened by the fact that my co-workers from other departments are also customers.
    • Great! I like the on-line format. Very convenient.
    • Excellent reminders of things we should know.

    General Infection Control

    • I think that this is an effective way to do modules. It only takes a few minutes to figure it out, and you are on your way!
    • Glad the importance of hand washing was stressed. So important, and yet most people do NOT do it.
    • User friendly and a great idea.
    • Draws attention to basic hygiene precautions that are taken for granted.
    • On-line testing is a great idea. THANK YOU!

    Electrical Safety

    • I like the cartoons. It makes the reading more enjoyable.
    • Electricity is a deadly killer and to learn as much about prevention on the topic is an excellent idea.

    Cultural Diversity

    • It is nice to see that the hospital acknowledges the difference in cultures. Great module. Thanks!
    • I like the module because it helps people to think "out of the box" and value others' beliefs.


    Patient's Bill of Rights

    • The links to obtain additional information were great.


    Strains and Sprains

    • This is an important module to remind everyone to take good care of their backs, and how hard sitting at a desk all day can be on the back.

    Other Comments

    • Easy for review and to remember.
    • Visuals make it more interesting and easier to learn than a lot of reading.
    • Simple and straightforward. That's good!
    • Convenient and time saving.
    • Very easy. Should not be a problem teaching the staff.
    • Our employees like it that they don't have to sit in a classroom for six hours.
    • It does not wreak havoc on our staffing!
    • Better able to monitor and obtain full compliance. Less falls through the cracks.
    • This is the best orientation I have ever received at a hospital. Usually, the presenters are paraded through with canned messages. This was interactive and kept my interest.